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About – Changelog

Version 2.12 | Released on 2024-02-25

Enhanced Feature: We’ve upgraded our GitHub Access Token to improve the reliability and efficiency of writing and syncing the changelog.

  • This means you’ll experience smoother updates and synchronisation with our repository.

Version 2.11 | Released on 2024-02-07

New Feature: Dive into customization with our newly added custom style section.

  • Tailor your plugin’s appearance to match your unique vision and preferences with ease.

Version 2.10 | Released on 2024-01-15

Update: Our readme file has received a comprehensive update.

  • Ensure you have all the latest information and guidance at your fingertips.

Version 2.9 | Released on 2024-01-15

Exciting Feature: We’re thrilled to introduce built-in support for custom styles.

  • Personalize your plugin’s look and feel more than ever before.

Version 2.8 | Released on 2023-10-19

Minor Update: A small typo has been corrected.

  • Enhancing the overall polish of our plugin.

Version 2.7 | Released on 2023-10-19

Critical Fix: Addressed an issue where the scroll function broke when menu values contained spaces.

  • Your navigation is now seamless, regardless of how your menus are named.

Version 2.6 | Released on 2023-07-31

Update: Our Access Token has been updated to bolster security and ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Enjoy enhanced security and continuous service without interruptions.

Version 2.5 | Released on 2023-04-26

New Feature: Added an endnote text field.

  • Offering you more flexibility in how you present information and acknowledgements within your plugin.

Version 2.4 | Released on 2023-04-14

New Setup Option: Introducing the “Under Construction” setup option.

  • Perfect for times when you’re making major changes or updates to your site.

Version 2.3 | Released on 2023-03-28

Usability Fix: We’ve created universal containers for the head, heart, and feet sections.

  • Ensuring a consistent look and feel across your plugin.
    New Customisation Option: Now, you can centre align content with ease.
  • Giving you more control over the presentation of your plugin.

Version 2.2 | Released on 2023-03-23

Layout Improvement: Increased the space between columns.

  • For a cleaner, more readable layout.

Version 2.1 | Released on 2023-03-22

Bug Fix: Removed a hardcoded heading that was left in for testing.

  • Streamlining the user experience.

Version 2.0 | Released on 2023-03-01

Major Rebuild: We’re excited to announce the first major rebuild of our module, featuring:

  • Removal of the built-in demo to streamline your experience.
  • An updated column selection interface for easier customization.
  • Conversion of slugs for better SEO and usability.

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